Amped wireless setup

The set up of amped router is very easy as there is a set up wizard for each latest router and the wizard do everything for you. We are explaining step by step procedure for setting up any amped wireless router. Follow the steps given below if you have purchased a brand new amped router.

1. If you already have a router installed at your home then firstly disconnects it. Plug it out from the power source as well as modem. If you have not any, follow from step 2.

2. Turn off your existing modem by removing its plug from the power outlet. Remove the battery from the back of the modem if it has one.

3. You will get a blue Ethernet cable within the box of the router. Take it out and insert its one end into the modem and another end into the blue port of the router.

4. Plug the power adapter of the modem and put its battery back if it has one and switch it on. Wait for two minutes or till the power LED go in solid state.

5. Attach the antennas and insert Ethernet cable into your device. The colour of the Ethernet cable is grey. This cable also goes into the router. Insert the power adapter into router and supply power by plugging it into the electrical outlet.

6. Launch a web browser and type into the URL bar of the browser and then hit enter key.

7. A login window prompted. Enter the username and password. The default values will be found on the product label of your router.

8. Smart setup wizard automatically starts the set up process and guides you throughout the set up.

9. Change the internet settings. Some users preferred to this manually. It is up to a user if a user has enough knowledge then he can do so. Click on the next each time after changing the desired settings. You can also skip the configuration part and finish the set up.

Amped wireless routers

To stay connected to the internet, we need routers. In this era, if we do not have proper internet access, we get irritated. The routers play a vital role in providing the internet. But sometimes routers even fail to provide that much internet access that a user can stream HD videos or play online games without any buffering. To resolve this issue, networking companies came with the idea of dual band routers and now tri band routers. The latest amped wireless router is Helios AC2200. This router is capable of providing enough high speed to access HD videos without any lag.

The size of the router is small enough to fit onto a shelf. You will get six to eight antennas to get the maximum coverage. You will see the brand name printed on the top of each amped router and in this case Helios is printed on the front panel. There are rubbers feet on every then back of the amped router has everything from Gigabit ports to WPS button. A reset button is there on the back to set the router to factory default settings. And moreover amped wireless setup can be done very easily. We will discuss the setup process in detail.

Setting Login details

Your router has by default login values. But it is recommended to change the default login details as soon as possible. Access the menu tabs and go to password under management. Change the password. Enter the user name and then new password in the given fields. You have to then confirm the new password in the given field.

Here, we are mentioning some tips to fix some of the common issues; you will get with your amped wireless setup or amped wireless router.

Question - I am unable to open the web menu of the amped wireless router after entering the

Answer -

  • Please ensure that your router is power on. Use the Ethernet cable that came with the router to connect your device and router.
  • Your computer should not be connected to any other wireless network. Please check this and if it is there then disconnect your computer from any other wireless network.
  • Use a compatible browser and the latest one. May be the browser is causing some issue. Try to set up using different browser or close and reopen the same browser.
  • If you are opening the login page through the web address then instead of this try accessing the login page using the default IP address.
  • If none of the options work, you can reset the router at last. Reset the router by pressing and holding the reset button for few seconds and then release the button.

Question - The action performed by you is not taken by the web interface. The features are causing issues.

Answer -

This problem occurs because of the browser. Update your browser to the latest. Mozilla Firefox is not supported by the amped wireless routers. So, use safari or Google chrome or Microsoft internet explorer.

Question - A user is unable to access the internet if there is a DSL connection.

Answer -

In this case, you have to enter the login information for your internet provider. Open the web management console of the router and enter the required details under the manual configurations.

Question - The internet connection is not configured by the Smart Setup Wizard automatically?

Answer -

  • Unplug and plug the router. This is also called as rebooting the router.
  • Resetting the router also can solve the issue. Hold the reset button for few seconds and then release it.
  • Your router may require login details. So, you have to enter the login details of the internet provider manually.
  • You may have to clone the MAC address to get the internet connection.
  • This might be the case your internet connection may require static IP address.

Question - I am getting low or no connectivity, what is the solution to resolve this issue?

Answer - 

Please check that your computer or any device from which you are accessing the web console has enabled the feature “automatically obtain IP address”.  Your router must be powered on. Restart your computer. This might be the case that the port on which you are attaching the cable is faulty. If you are still encountering this issue and not able to solve by hook or crook, we are here to serve you.

For more queries or if you have any other query than the mentioned above then you have to take help from our team. One of the team members always stays online to help you. You have to message your query in the live chat window given on the website. Chat with the experts, our team is capable of solving any issue related to the amped wireless router, amped router setup. Solving issues like is not working, a user is not getting the login page, you are unable to find several settings, having confusion in the advanced settings of the router and there can be any like these.