Amped wireless setup FAQS

Q: – 1 Why don’t my wireless adapter is not getting full wireless speed?
• Ans:-Chances are that your wifi adapter is outdated and have the older wireless technology. Also, it is not able to receive wireless network speeds of your Router.
• Maximum speed can be achieved if the device supports 802.11n (2.4GHz) or 802.11ac (5.0GHz) technology.
• Make sure you have latest Wi-Fi security type.
• If your device has WEP security, then it will not get maximum wireless speed, because WEP securities slow down wireless speeds.

Q: – 2 How can I be sure about if MU-MIMO synchronized data transfers are facilitated and functioning?
• Ans: – Please check if connected devices support MU-MIMO technology or not?
• Devices that support MU-MIMO technology are needed to be activated the enable MU-MIMO function.
• Just in case, your device has no support of MU-MIMO technology, it will function as an SU-MIMO single-user MIMO) device.

Q: – 3) Even after entering the wireless password, I am unable to get connect to my Windows Vista computer to the wireless network. What would I do?• Ans: – Add a wireless network manually to your Windows Vista.
• Next, click on Start and then click on the Network option.
• Choose Network & Sharing Center.
• Now, click on Manage Wireless Networks.
• Click on the Add and choose the option manually create a network profile.
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Q: – 4) Please suggest a solution on why my computer is getting an IP address of 169.254.x.x? Also, Windows displaying error message “Limited or no Connectivity
• Ans: – First check if your high power router is switched On?
• Your computer’s network adapter supposed to be enabled or set to be Obtain IP Address Automatically.
• Issue and Reintroduce your IP Address on your Computer.
• You need to restart your computer & check yet again.
• Try to restart your High Power Router & check another time.
• DHCP is supposed to be enabled in the High Power Router’s Web Menu.

Q: – 5) I am not able to access my USB storage device remotely, please help?
• Ans: – You need to supplement a USB storage device. It can be a flash drive or external hard drive on to the port on router rear.
• Provide an FTP server name, as of the USB Storage/FTP Server page of router web menu.
• Now choose either secured or open access to your FTP server.

Q: – 6) When I connect USB storage, my router freezes and I am unable to access the web, what to do?
• Ans: – First remove the USB storage device from your router.
• Now, reboot your router without removing your power adapter.
• When the reboot gets completed insert USB storage yet again.
• Ensure your USB storage isn’t corrupted and in good condition.

Q: – 7) I have a dual-band wireless router & I can’t associate with it, what to do?
• Ans: – Start with login to your dual-band wireless router Web Menu and then modify the wireless settings.
• Now, try to alter the wireless band to mixed mode 2.4GHz & 5GHz or 2.4GHz merely.

Q: – 8) Why do I have to experience poor wireless signal strength in Amped USB adapter?
• Ans: – It seems you are too far away from your wireless router setup. Try to move closer to your router and check signal strength once again.
• Wireless signals are merely radio waves which degraded when the distance increases.
• Wireless interference is also one of the reasons behind the poor wireless signal.
• Metal appliances, walls microwaves are also the reason for the poor wireless signal.

Q: – 9) I have amped dual-band AC wifi USB adapter, in which Wifi Protected Setup is not responding. Beside this, push button configuration unable to detect the connection. What would I do?
• Ans: – Generally, wifi adapter supports WPS connections, but few companies might use the exclusive code for their individual pushbutton configurations.
• You can use Mac wireless utility or Windows wireless utility for connecting.

Q: – 10) I tried to use windows wireless utility, but it giving error wireless connection has “limited connectivity.”
• Ans: – You are facing the issue of incorrect IP address.
• If you are using Windows XP and 2000, first open Amped Wireless setup Utility. After that, go to General tab. Next, click on the Renew IP.
• To know about Windows 7 and Vista, contact our experts today.